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LED Panel Lights Market Development

2017/12/11 15:09:35

In the LED lighting industry in the development process, the industry have said that as the reform and opening up the SAR to seize the LED panel light product development of the best opportunities in the government policy on industrial development under the guidance of enterprises to do technological innovation and market Marketing work, LED panel light manufacturers will be long to maintain the enterprise LED panel lights industry in the development of the first-mover advantage, through our efforts we have enough confidence to become the Chinese market brand manufacturers gathered in the global market to maintain a strong competitive edge. Through the data analysis, this year a region LED industry's GDP reached more than 1,600 billion yuan, compared with last year's 80 billion yuan output value scale has achieved a historic increase in double, this economic capacity breakthrough and cross also led to employment 3.2 million people, our LED lighting products output value and scale ranked first in the national market.

LED panel lights as a technology innovation products, LED panel lights large-scale production and market development in the country are no precedent to follow. Therefore, to carry out a good LED lighting industry, from the strategic emerging industry to carry out the point of view, to compete with others must grasp the high-end core technology, or else for others to make wedding dress, the other also through the opening of shopping malls. From the whole on behalf of the LED is the future of the lighting trend.Even in the financial crisis, LED industry is still high-speed development, LED industry to adapt to the trend of science and technology, the general direction is correct. China is now the best time to carry out LED industry, and carry out LED industry has a significant industrial advantages.

LED panel light development so far, the product has a price advantage to the power. According to LED lighting products in the global market production and sales statistics, China's LED in the downstream part of the lighting packaging and product applications have the largest market share, a strong manufacturing system allows China to develop the best LED lighting products The And when the LED lighting products, a substantial increase in production, the related manufacturing and supporting services has also been developed, LED panel lights products will be cheaper, better performance in the future into the field of general lighting, enterprises will follow the market launch more Good and more competitive products.