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Analysis On The Development Trend Of LED Panel Light Structure

2017/12/11 15:09:58

Analysis on the Development Trend of LED Panel Light Structure

LED energy-saving lamps lighting market development of rapid and prosperous, one of the sub-lighting LED panel lights as a new type of panel lights series of light source products, due to the appearance of exquisite products, lighting soft and comfortable, easy to install, easy maintenance and other characteristics have been widely consumed Who recognized, and some export-oriented enterprises have successfully opened the door of the European and American markets, and access to Europe and the United States long-term customer trust and Green Mi.

LED panel light products as led energy-saving lighting field of the new force, panel lights are expected to become China and the international lighting industry-led new forces, and panel light product technology development speed and panel lamp manufacturing technology staff efforts will be closely related to it Downstream industry chain, such as panel lighting structural accessories technology development is also a crucial link, the development of any industry are inseparable from the upper and lower industrial chain-related technology mutual support and cooperation. Through the joint efforts of the industry, we can build bigger and stronger LED panel lights products and technologies.

Through our analysis of the results of market and customer feedback, LED panel lights structural accessories technology trends are summarized in the following three points:

Trends 1. Product design is ultra-thin.

LED panel light structure accessories will become more and more ultra-thin series, high power and light guide plate also need to cooperate with the overall design and more ultra-thin design technology.

Trend 2. Panel lamp product structure accessories to meet the green concept.

Environmental protection products, green natural concept has been recognized and accepted by the vast number of consumers, and now regardless of any industrial products or other non-industrial products are required to do green, natural, environmental protection such basic requirements. So LED panel light products and panel lights structural accessories must have this requirement. To meet market requirements and expectations.

Trends 3. Panel lamp product structure accessories to meet the low consumption of the concept.

In the 21st century, the global economic development for the consumption of resources is also growing, population growth is very rapid, the global competition and competition for resources is very intense, but the resources are less and less, so the global Environmental protection and public interest organizations have acted to call on the global enterprises in the development process must focus on the efficient use of resources, that is, with the least consumption of resources to create more people need all kinds of living products and food, simple Is to create the greatest economic benefits with minimal resource costs.

Based on the above point of view, we can see the LED panel lighting technology in the domestic development is also very to force, but also because of technology-driven LED panel lights to promote the product market in the country to achieve a very good performance share, and as the industry chain panel structure Accessories technology development is also responsive to the lighting industry, green environmental protection. Low-carbon energy conservation is conducive to the global economic sustainable development of the road forward.